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How to Improve Air Circulation in a House

Proper air circulation is crucial in any home, because airflow regulates temperature, removes impurities, prevents mold and just creates a more pleasant and safe breathing environment. By contrast, poor air circulation can actually endanger your health. When your home’s air seems stagnant, or its air circulation otherwise leaves something to be desired, take steps to get breezes flowing again for a healthier, more comfortable home. read more

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New Urban Centers Sub for the Suburbs in the American Dream

The makeup of the American household is changing. The birthrate is falling, people are getting married later, baby boomers and senior citizens are aging America. Millennials don’t want the neighborhood their parents had, but they might move back in with their parents until they can afford to live in the one they want. These factors are changing where and how we want to live, and reversing the trend of half a century ago of leaving the city for the suburbs. But there’s also a third way — it splits the difference between the choice of living in a traditional suburb or the central city. read more

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Easy Fixes for Kitchen Storage (10 photos)

Its the little things in life that can inspire or deflate us. The pantry is no exception. No matter a pantrys physical size, if its basic features dont work for you, your interaction with it will quickly become a maddening experience. Stop fighting with your pantry; show it whos… read more